Waqai – Asad Qazvini

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New Price List

book list

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Nazeer Fahmi (2 vols) by Shams ul Haq Usmani

Nazeer Fahmi

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Fehrist-e-Kutub Siddiq Book Depot (1936 aur 1950 ki faharis ka majmua) compiled by Prof> C.M.Naim and Abdur Rasheed

sidiq bookdepot

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Maasir-i-Nizami, the new biographical book by Lala Mansaram and edited by Zareena Parveen

Maasir Continue reading

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Rag Darshan: The Persian manuscript on Music

Rag Darshan

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Dilli Kitab Ghar is honoured with Munshi Nawal Kishore Award for Publisher

Munshi Nawal Kishore Award for Publisher

Urdu Akademi honours Dilli Kitab Ghar with Munshi nawal Kishore Awards for Publisher

Delhi Urdu Akademi honours Dilli Kitab Ghar with Munshi Nawal Kishore Award for PUBLISHER

Delhi Urdu Akademi honours Dilli Kitab Ghar with Munshi Nawal Kishore Award for PUBLISHER

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Meeraji aur unka Nigaarkhana-Shamim Hanfi


More than 2000 years old classic by Damodar Gupt ‘KUTNI MATTM’ translated by Meeraji with a preface by Manto, introduced by Professor Shamim Hanfi

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Habeeb Tanweer

Habeeb Tanweer

Tehreeren, Taqreeren,Baaten aur Mulaqaatain

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Hindustani Samaj par Islami Asar aur doosre mazamin
Mohd. Mujib
Translated by Mohd. Zakir
٭Pages : 184, ٭Price : Rs. 100
“This book consists of translations of a few selected essays by Prof. Mohammad Mujeeb. These essays encompass themes which hark back to our cultural heritage which should be judiciously balanced with modernity.
Prof. Zakir is one of those persons who have been close to Prof. Mohammad Mujeeb and whose mind and thought seems to be influenced by Prof. Mohammad Mujeeb. This forms a solid basis, for certifying the authenticity of these translations. I have no hesitation whatsoever in certifying the authenticity of these translations”.
— Aslam Parvez, Editor, Urdu Adab (Quarterly)

٭Pages: 464 ٭Price: Rs. 250 ٭ Editor : Abdul Haq
Dr. Abdul Haq, an eminent Urdu scholar, has edited a rare manuscript of the first Urdu Diwan of Shaikh Zahooruddin Hatim (1111- Hijri), who has the unique distinction of being the first Urdu Sahib-e-Diwan and among the first architect of the palace of poetry.

A novel by Krishna Sobti
Transliterated in Urdu by Abdul Mughni
٭ Pages : 296 ٭ Price : Rs. 300
Published by Dilli Kitab Ghar, in association with Rajkamal Prakashan P. Ltd.,
Eminent Hindi author Krishna Sobti’s novel “Dil-o-Danish”, transliterated “as it is” and published by Dilli Kitab Ghar, is in front of me. It is a very interesting linguistic and cultural portrait of pre-1947 Delhi or Shahjahanabad. Ahmad Ali wrote an English novel entitled “Twilight in Delhi” long time ago which was published in Urdu as “Dilli ki shaam”. The difference is that the latter focussed on a Dehlavi Muslim family and Krishna Sobti’s “Dil-o-Danish” on a Dehlavi Hindu family but Hindu-Muslim labelling exists neither in this novel nor in that one. The post-partition changes in the geographical, linguistic and cultural landscape of Delhi were brought about by the frequent visits to and from across the borders. This perspective has been presented to us by ageing Krishna Sobti with such complete nostalgic power that this novel has attained the status of being an authoritative cultural document on pre-47 Shahjahanabad.
— Dr. Aslam Parvez, Editor

Fasana-o-Sher ka Bulawa
Prof. Shamsul Haq Usmani
٭Pages: 224 ٭ Size : Demi, Hardbound ٭ Title in 4-colour ٭ Price: ` 123
This book is a collection of essays by Prof. Shamsul Haq Usmani, who is one of the most important and reliable names among the critics of new generation. He has analyzed in his unique and untraditional style whether it is his research work ‘Bedi Nama’ or other books edited by him. His omnivorous reading, his perceptive insight of texts and critical observations may be gauged from his writings. We find an understanding of literature as well as appreciation in the essays included in this book.
Prof. Usmani has granted a new lease of life to the literary taste of new generation in such a way that he does not look at literary works with the eye of a critic, but gets busy in understanding them himself.
Dr. Mohd. Firoz Dehlwi

Aslam Parvez
٭Pages: 224 ٭ Size : Demi, Hardbound ٭ Title in 4-colour ٭ Price: Rs. 127
Dr. Aslam Parvez is an expert writer. Popular teacher in Jawaharlal Nehru University and author of famous critical and research papers, he is also known in Urdu world as the editor of Quarterly ‘Urdu Adab’ published under the aegis of Anjuman Taraqqi-e-Urdu (Hind).
‘Tehrirein’ consists of his eclectic essays in which he has discussed litterateurs from Mohd Quli Qutub Shah and Mulla Wajhi to Dagh Dehlavi and those who came later. One finds here Shaki Naji, Meer Taqi Meer, Sauda, Mushafi, Insha, Sarshar, Zafar, Dagh and also Agha Hashar Kashmiri, Khwaja Hasan Nizami, Imtiaz Ali Taj and Jameel-uddin Aali.
We find examplse of the author’s perceptive insight and also some of the things which are not considered the way they should be and also some new information.
This book shall have referential value not only for students and teachers of Urdu literature but also lovers of Urdu poetry and literature.
Prof. Mohd. Zakir

Compiled by Dr. Abdur Rasheed and Dr. Chandra Shekhar


Fehrist-e-Kutub Matba-e-Nawal Kishore
(A list of books published by Nawal Kishore [1896])
Editors : Chander Shekhar / Abdur Rasheed
٭Pages: 544 ٭ Size : Demi, Hardbound ٭ Title in 4-colour ٭ Price: Rs. 500
The vastness of a language’s canvas may be estimated by the quantity and quality of books, were published in a given period of time. In the present catalogue from 1858 to 1896, there are entries of more than two thousand books published by Nawal Kishore with the addition of bibliography of books and authors and footnotes. According to the Editors, help from other catalogues has also been sought in compiling this list. This list gives us an idea of the speedy progress of Urdu in the aforementioned duration.
Prof. Mohd. Zakir

Taaruf Aur Mutaley
Mohd. Zakir

٭Pages: 336 ٭ Size : Demi, Hardbound ٭ Title in 4-colour ٭ Price: ` 155
Prof. Mohd. Zakir is among the giants of Urdu litearture, who has a deep insight into both eastern and western literature and is rich with knowledge as well as balanced thought. He keeps a low profile but he gets his due praise from observant crirtics and litterateurs. This book is a collection of such literary and educational essays, which have already been published in Urdu magazines. Here we can hear an echo of these essays on Nazeer Akbarabadi, Meer Taqi Meer, Aabru, Zauq, Ghalib, Diwan-e-Ghalib (a comparative study of the first published manuscript and Diwan-e-Ghalib edited by Imtiaz Ali Arshi) and Urdu ghazal. All the essays in this book attract everyone, whether teachers or students, because of the range of topics, language and style.
Dr. Mohd. Firoz Dehlawi

Habib Tanvir ka Rangmanch
Editor : Masud-ul-Haq
٭Pages: 270 ٭ Size : Demi, Hardbound ٭ Title in 4-colour ٭ Price: Rs. 160
This book consists of essays about Habib Tanvir’s personality and his art, written by the following friends and colleagues:
M.K.Raina, Javed Malik, Prasanna, Sudhanwa Deshpande, Shanta Gokhale, Sadanand Menon, Salim Arif, Shama Zaidi, Rozi, Rajeev Sethi, Anjum Katyal, Rahul Varma / Dipti Gupta, Nancy Wenderhold, Suhel Hashmi, Nandita Das, Shamim Hanfi, Syed Mohd. Mehdi, Zubair Rizvi, Bharat Ratna Bhargava, Javed Siddiqui, Anis Azmi, Iqbal Majeed, Iqbal Masud, Habib Ahmed and Nathi Ram Bhat.

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